If you need to disconnect your electricity supply there are two options available;

  • De-energisation - a temporary disconnection of your supply. Suitable when the property is being refurbished.
  • Disconnection – a permanent disconnection of supply when your property no longer needs an electricity supply, for example if it is going to be demolished.

I need to temporarily remove my electricity supply, how do I do this?

You can arrange for the supply to be de-energised and re-energised by calling your Electricity Supplier.

The Electricity Suppliers name, address and telephone number will be shown on your electricity bill or use our Who is my Supplier tool

I need to permanently remove my electricity supply, how do I do this?

Contact us directly by either completing our online general enquiries form or call us on 0800 0963080.

We will require the following information to allow us to proceed with a disconnection request;

  • Address of the property/properties · Date from which the Customer will have responsibility for the site
  • Point of contact for the Customer
  • Point of contact for site access (if different from above)
  • MPAN and meter serial numbers (if known)
  • Planned demolition date
  • Earliest date(s) for both meter removal and disconnection

Is there a cost to disconnect my supply?

We will make a charge for carrying out disconnection work. The charges are individually assessed for each request and will vary dependent on the works involved.

How long will the disconnection process take?

Normally low voltage service termination equipment will be removed within 21 working days but up to six months' notice may be required to remove high voltage substation plant. In the case of EHV connections we should be consulted at an early stage and a programme for the removal of equipment agreed.

Do I need to inform my supplier?

We will inform your supplier of the planned disconnection works, however you will need to contact them directly to terminate your supply contract(s).

The electricity supply at the property I own has been disconnected following the discovery of cannabis at the property and I need to have it reconnected

Find out more by viewing this document about disconnections associated with cannabis cultivation.