LV Metered disconnection trial


We commenced a trial to enable ICPs to disconnect metered and unmetered LV services. Since then, unmetered disconnections have become Business as Usual and we have extended the trial to include LV mains cable disconnections.

Details of trial

The trial enables an ICP to carry out disconnection works associated with a new connection scheme. The trial will be open to accredited ICP’s for the following work types:

LV Disconnection table
DescriptionPoint of Disconnection
Single LV servicePublic Highway
Multiple LV servicesPublic Highway
Single LV Pole TerminationPublic Highway or Development Land
LV Mains CablePublic Highway
LV Mains Pole TerminationPublic Highway or Development Land

The following Low Voltage disconnections are not permitted under this trial:

  • Low voltage service or mains cable on a high voltage pole
  • Low voltage service on a telecommunications pole
  • Low voltage service or mains cable in third party land
  • Low voltage mains cable feeder pillar disconnection; and
  • Low voltage split phase network


The process to be followed where an ICP is intending to undertake an LV disconnection is set out in ST:NC2L Appendix M, available to view on our Technical Information pages.

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