Electricity Connection Offer Expenses Regulations

When you make an application for connection, we may charge you for the time spend preparing the offer for connection in accordance with the Electricity (Connection Offer Expenses) Regulations 2018. We will require payment even if you do not accept the offer. The charge covers costs we reasonably incur when assessing the impacts of the proposed connection on the distribution/transmission system, designing the connection (including any reinforcement works) and preparing the offer.

What is the cost of the Connection Offer Expenses?

The amount we charge will vary according to the complexity of the scheme based upon your requested capacity and the type of assets required to enable the connection. They will also vary according to whether you require an offer for WPD to undertake all the works or you request an offer for WPD to undertake only the non-contestable works and you employ an independent connection provider to undertake the rest.

You can find further information on the application of charges in our Statement of Methodology and Charges for Connection by clicking here.

When do I need to pay the charge?

We will invoice you at the same time as we issue the offer and you will be required to make payment within 28 days of issue.

Are charges applied to all connection Offers?

We have limited the implementation of changes to the way we recover connection offer expenses specifically to larger schemes that require an element of works at 22kV and above. This is partly because this is the area that we see the highest amount of speculative applications that ultimately do not proceed, meaning we are unable to recover the costs directly from the person that has caused those costs to be incurred and partly because we want to monitor the impact of the changes before we decide how to proceed further. We will review the success or otherwise of our targeted approach which will inform our decision on the application of connection offer expenses in the future.

How will I know I need to pay Connection Offer Expenses?

We will contact you shortly after receiving your application to discuss your plans and then let you know the potential for EHV (Extra High Voltage) works to be required.

Will I still be charged if I cancel my application?

Please note, that if you decide you no longer want to pursue your application and you notify us in writing within 10 working days of receiving our notification, we will not charge you.

If you cancel after that time we may charge you for any costs reasonably incurred up to the point of notification.

Can I discuss the level of charge applied?

If you have any queries regarding the application of the charges please contact the Design Engineer notified to you as being responsible for your application. If, following discussion, you are not satisfied with our response and we cannot resolve the matter you may escalate it further. Our complaints procedure is available to view on our website here. If you do not feel we have dealt with your complaint satisfactorily you may also refer the matter to the Authority for determination in accordance with section 23 of the Electricity Act 1989.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any queries regarding our application of the Regulations, view our Guidance Document which includes frequently asked questions.