Connection Options (costs and security)

As some networks become constrained customers seek more clarity on the different types of connection available and the level of supply security they provide; simply using the terms firm and un-firm are no longer adequate to provide the level of clarity required.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has produced an options summary document that aims to describe different types of connection and their key characteristics. Generally, connections with intrinsically higher levels of security consist of more assets and cost more money, both to install and operate.

The document seeks to increase clarity in two areas:

  • Connection types and network availability for all types of customers (demand, generation and storage)
  • Connections for storage and other forms of network response services to accommodate power swings and step changes e.g. from import to export

If you are making an application for a connection we will be pleased to discuss the options available to you.

The Planner designated to your scheme and tasked with providing a Connection Offer can offer advice on the best option for you.